Salsa 1

Salsa 1

Salsa, as we know it today, originates from New York city. It is said that it is a mix of many latin dances like Mambo, Cuban son, cha cha cha, Guaguancó, cumbia and more. The music is a blend of Cuban, Puerto Rican, Colombian, Dominican and American jazz mixed all in one. Celia Cruz said “echale salsita” in one of her songs and thus the name was born. It has lots of variations worldwide. New York style on 2, L.A style on 1, Cuban style, Colombian style, even Mambo style… Whatever you call it, just dance it and enjoy it!

In this level:

You will learn basic moves to musicality, lead and follow techniques and different turns.

Class Instructor 

Sandra Campanelli

Sandra Campanelli, founder, and director of  Latin Groove Dance school, is a woman who has a very intimate relationship with the world of dance. Having been born in a family of singers and musicians from many generations, music and dance has always been an important part of her life.

Her family has always encouraged her to follow her dream. Since the age of 8, Sandra has sang all over the world with her band “Sandra & the Latin Groove”, including Hong Kong, Dubai, France, Mexico, US and Canada. She has recorded many original songs and has played in many movies throughout the years.
When Sandra opened her school and it was at this moment that she truly realized her true passion. Although she loves to sing and dance, teaching is something much more important and rewarding to her.

“I am currently living my greatest dream, that of opening my own dance studio, where people can not only learn to dance but also have fun! I did not want a simple school, I wanted to create a community of dancers! ”
If you were to retain a single word from Sandra, it would be “passionate”.

Event Hours(3)

  • Monday

    20.00 - 21.00

    Location: Rouge Room

  • Tuesday

    18.00 - 19.00

    Location: Rouge Room

  • Saturday

    13.00 - 14.00

    Location: Rouge Room