Semba 1

Semba 1

The term Semba comes from a dance called massemba. It became popular in the fifties thanks to the group N’gola Ritmos. This is a style from Angola that contributed to the birth of Kizomba.

The differences between these two styles are numerous: the speed, the proximity of the partner and the more open position than in the kizomba.

In this level:

Learn basic moves to musicality, lead and follow techniques and connection

Class Instructor 

Sinker Benissan

Since he is young, Sinker practices the various traditional African dances. He then wanted to explore the world of Hip Hop, where he managed to perform and organize battles and shows.

It was on his arrival in Montreal that Sinker discovered the Kizomba, a style with which he fell in love. He has been a teacher of Kizomba for four years now, and two years as a DJ for the same style.

Event Hours(1)

  • Tuesday

    19.00 - 20.00

    Location: Rouge Room