Stretching is a form of physical exercise in which a specific muscle or tendon (or muscle group) is deliberately flexed or stretched in order to improve the muscle’s felt elasticity and achieve comfortable muscle tone.

The result is a feeling of increased muscle control, flexibility, and range of motion. Stretching is also used therapeutically to alleviate cramps.

Class Instructor 

Crisanta Mendozagomez

Crisanta has been in the dance world since she was 8 years old. Indeed, being a little girl, she took classes in jazz ballet, classical ballet and Mexican folklore.

She has developed in this world to finally make her a professional career for twenty years. Crisanta has two passions: gymnastics, a disciple she has practiced a lot, and dancing.

What she likes most is the choreography creations for the upper level dancers. She has a lot of experience in this field after working for independent companies, hotels and cruise ships.

Event Hours(2)

  • Tuesday

    20.00 - 21.00

    Location: Blue Room

  • Saturday

    13.00 - 14.00

    Location: Bleu Room