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Latin Groove offers
different dance and Fitness classes.

Latin Groove provides different dance styles to accommodate
the modern development of a dancer.

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Latin Groove organizes many different events to get
people practice, meet other dancers, socialize and be
part of the best community in the world.
October 27 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
1184 Saint Catherine Street West
Come to celebrate Halloween as a family with LG Junior! We invite you to dress up

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It is the most fun I have all year round! Not to mention stress reliever and amazing exercise! I found the perfect level of dancing for me, don't need a partner since there are plenty of men and women to go round and round again, and since I have a pass, I sometimes will jump into the classes above and below my level as well! The teachers are fun, competent, and really know how to teach you; all the while making you laugh! There is no better school I found. AND now with the new Studio... OMG can't wait! These people have become a new family. Never a dull moment!

Josie Buttice DC

Latin Groove is an amazing dance school and really so much fun! The teachers are excellent, a beautiful new studio on St. Catherine, great people to dance with at any level, and the atmosphere is so friendly. Love that place and very happy I discovered it 3 years ago!

Bina Freiwald

Best place in town to learn a salsa and batcheta dance. The teachers and the owner are just amazing and kind. You can do all the classes if you want for a moderate monthly price. It's a nice way to exercice and socialize at the same time. Nobody's judging you, so you can progress at your own pace. Everything is just nice!

Maggie Dumoulin